a new book

Its time to let go, to let go of a love that is no longer there, time to heal my broken wings and finally be able to soar in the sky and not be afraid anymore, its time to come in my own and to become myself and take this path that I have been to scared to take no more bein in the shadows but truly a part of me will always be there for that part of me is meant to be there for now but its truly time to find my whole self not just part of me, along journey that I have been on is starting to make scenes finally seening clear enough to make my first step on to this new path that I will take alone, been alone for so long but now its time to become myself and say good bye to my past and finally close the book and start a new one.com……..
Please let me know what u think and yes I wrote it :-)

We all have that one ex.


Who fucked us over with emotions and the worst feelings on Earth. Who taught us so much, yet gave us so much pain. Who you gave everything to, and didn’t get as much back. But we all have that ex, who made us give up a little on love.

Yes and he is sitting at my dinner table getting ready to leave for Iraq for a year.